How to protect yourself from vaccine scams

Fraudsters may try to obtain bank details or charge money for vaccinations against Covid-19. The elderly and vulnerable are often targeted.

The fraudsters say they are calling from healthcare services or an authority and that they want to book a Covid-19 vaccination appointment. They may require you to identify yourself using a card reader or via mobile bank ID. You should definitely not do as they ask. Hang up immediately if you receive this type of call. 

1177 Vårdguiden has issued a warning about fraudsters who are trying to get hold of bank details or charge for vaccination.

  • Never use your security token or bank ID when asked by someone who has contacted you.
  • Never share your codes or other sensitive information with anyone.
  • If you ever feel uncertain, hang up the telephone or ask to call back on a number that you find on your own.  
  • Do not trust someone who contacts you based on the fact that they possess personal information about you. People committing fraud can find your information on the internet in order to scam you.
  • If you suspect that you have been the victim of fraud, contact your bank immediately, report it to the police, and get support from the people around you.