Covid-19 drugs and treatment

Here we have compiled information from Swedish authorities about Covid-19 treatment and medication.


Two medicines for Covid-19 are approved for treatment in Europe. These are the antiviral drugs Veklury (remdesivir) and Dexametazone, a drug that reduces inflammation and suppresses the immune system.

The Swedish Medical Products Agency on medicines for COVID-19

Report side effects

If you get side effects from the drugs you receive in connection with treatment for Covid-19, it is important that you report them to the Swedish Medical Products Agency

Treatment of Covid-19

Most people who experience the Covid-19 illness will recognise the symptoms of a normal cold or a bout of flu and do not need to seek medical care. A small group of those who become infected fall seriously ill and may need hospital care. If your condition worsens suddenly or you experience breathing difficulties even when resting, contact the health service immediately.

Self-care if you have mild symptoms

If you have mild symptoms, 1177 Healthcare Guide offers tips on things you can do to feel better:

  • Drink a lot of fluid. This is particularly important if you have a cough or fever.
  • Use extra pillows to make the top end of the bed higher.
  • You will usually feel better if you use fever-reducing medicine when you have a high temperature.
  • Get plenty of rest, but avoid lying still for too long as this worsens the ability of your lungs to function and can impair recovery from the illness.

Treatment in the event of serious illness

Some people who get Covid-19 become seriously ill with pneumonia and can find it difficult to breathe. If you fall seriously ill, you will be given treatment to support the function of your lungs and other organs that might be affected. This may, for example, involve your being given extra oxygen or assistance with breathing via a respirator.

Rehabilitation after Covid-19

The period of medical care may be long for patients who develop Covid-19, especially if they have been in intensive care. In some cases, symptoms can persist for a long time after a person has 'recovered' from Covid-19. If you have been infected and experience persistent physical or psychological problems, you may need to contact the health service. Your healthcare centre or 1177 Healthcare Guide can tell you more about whom you should contact about rehabilitation.

Warning about misleading products

The Swedish Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) is encouraging the public to be alert regarding food supplements and other food items that are claimed to cure or prevent Covid-19. Many products have emerged during the pandemic, mainly online. However, claiming that food supplements or other food items either cure or protect against Covid-19 is illegal. There is no scientific evidence for this. The Swedish Food Agency is collaborating with other government agencies to stop such sales.

If you encounter these kinds of products, you can submit a report to the municipality's food inspectors or send an email to the Swedish Food Agency at