Important telephone numbers

Many feel worried about the Covid-19 pandemic. Here we have listed some telephone numbers you can call if you have any questions or concerns about the coronavirus.
Bild från ett öde torg.

Teletal – 020-22 11 44
You can use Teletal ("Tele speech") if you need help with making telephone calls. It is a service that provides help with and support during telephone calls. Teletal's services are free of charge.

Texttelefoni - 020-600 650
Those who want to use text will get help communicating with someone who is talking on the phone. You can get help in Swedish, English and Braille.

Bildtelefoni - 020-28 00 20
Bildtelefoni ("Picture telephony") mediates conversations between spoken Swedish and Swedish sign language or Braille. You do not need a videophone to use the service.

National information number – 113 13
For general questions about the coronavirus and recommendations issued by public authorities.

Healthcare advice – 1177
Call only if you need personal medical advice. Do not use this number for general questions about the coronavirus or recommendations from authorities.

Police – 114 14
Telephone number for the police for all matters that are not related to ongoing or recent crimes and incidents.

In case of emergency – 112
Only to be used in the event of danger to life, property or the environment.

Ministry for Foreign Affairs' telephone number for questions about travel – +46 8 405 92 00
For questions about travelling abroad and advice and support for Swedes abroad. Questions about entry to Sweden can be answered by the Police, call 114 14.

On-call priest of the Church of Sweden – 112
Call 112 and ask them to connect you to the on-call priest. The Church can also be reached via the Church of Sweden's chat or by sending a digital letter to the on-call priest.

Jourhavande medmänniska – 08-702 16 80
You can call the on-call support line Jourhavande medmänniska every night between 9 pm and 6 am.

BRIS support line for children – 116 111
Open 24 hours a day. You can also chat with BRIS.

BRIS advice line for adults with concerns affecting children – 077-150 50 50
Support and information on issues relating to children. Open Monday–Friday 9 am–12 pm.

Föräldralinjen – 020-85 20 00
If you are worried about your child or a child close to you. The parental helpline Föräldralinjen is run by the organisation Mind and is open Monday–Friday 10 am–3 pm, and Thursdays 7 pm–9 pm.

Kvinnofridslinjen – 020-50 50 50
Kvinnofridslinjen is a national helpline for women who have been subjected to physical, psychological or sexual violence.

Äldrelinjen – 020-22 22 33
A support line for people over 65 years of age who need someone to talk to. Äldrelinjen is run by the organisation Mind and is open Monday–Friday 8 am–7 pm and weekends 10 am–4 pm.

Självmordslinjen – 90101
You can talk to someone on the suicide crisis line Självmordslinjen if you are thinking about taking your own life or have a loved one with such thoughts. You can also reach them via Självmordslinjen's chat or you can e-mail Självmordslinjen. Självmordslinjen is run by the organisation Mind.