Published 9/28/2022

The authorities' information about the Baltic sea gas leaks

Leaks from the Nordstream 1 and 2 gas pipelines have been detected at several locations in the Baltic Sea, caused by two explosions. There are leaks in the Swedish and Danish economic zones.

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Home preparedness

In the event of a crisis, help will first go to those who need it most. You should plan to be able to manage without the help of society for a week or longer.

Anxiety support

If you are feeling anxious or depressed, here are some tips on how to get by and resources you can use.

Information about the coronavirus in other languages

Covid-19 information from Swedish authorities in other languages.

Civil defence in Sweden

Sweden’s civil authorities are grouped into ten service sectors for the purpose of civil defence. Here you will find information about how Swedish society will be organised during emergencies and in a state of heightened alert.

Rationing electricity

Styrel means “steering electricity to prioritised power consumers” and offers municipalities, county administrative boards and electricity network operators a means of rationing electricity if a shortage occurs.

Source criticism

Being source critical means evaluating the information you find. Firstly, this means understanding that some sources have greater credibility than others and, secondly, being aware that the originator of the information has an objective.